How Does Psychotherapy Work?
Psychotherapy is a form of talk therapy. We explore various issues in your life that have contributed to your current emotional state and/or set of circumstances. Part of this process includes examining habitual patterns, exploring your strengths and developing new coping mechanisms. Through the therapeutic process you will generate self- awareness and an emotional understanding of the impact your history has on present attitudes, motives and beliefs. This awareness will lead to improved decision-making and the ability to maximize your potential.

How much does Psychotherapy cost?
Psychotherapy is surprisingly quite affordable.  If you have out of network benefits, and would like to submit for insurance reimbursement, I can help you navigate your benefits as a large portion of my fee may be covered.

How Long Do Psychotherapy Sessions Last?
Sessions are usually 50-55 minutes.  I see clients between 1 and 3 times a week based on current needs.  In our first few initial sessions we will discuss what schedule would work best for your needs.

What Should I Expect in My First Session?
The first session is an opportunity for you and me to get to know each other. During this meeting I’ll ask you a series of general questions in an effort to understand what brings you to therapy. This is also a time for you to ask me questions and to determine if the relationship is a good match.

How Long Will I Have to Go to Therapy?
The length of therapy is dependent on the individual. People, however, tend to derive the most benefit if they stick with it for a while and allow themselves to get comfortable with the process.

Does the Psychotherapy Process Require Me to Take Medications?
No, psychotherapy does not involve taking psychotropic medications. However, if you or I feel that medication may be a useful addition in helping you feel better, a referral can be made to a psychiatrist.

Is Psychotherapy a Confidential Process?
By law, psychotherapists are mandated to keep the content of their sessions confidential. They may disclose information under very special circumstances including: a court order, suspected cases of child abuse and neglect or situations that may immediately jeopardize the safety and well being of another person. You will be provided with a comprehensive confidentiality agreement at the first session.